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Archived exhibitions are no longer available for booking but are maintained as a virtual record of past Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) programs.


Beyond Category: The Musical Genius of Duke Ellington

The music of Duke Ellington renews itself through every generation of musicians and music-lovers. SITES honored the 100th anniversary of Duke Ellington's birth with a dynamic exhibition celebrating the life, genius, and musical legacy of this great 20th-century composer.

This small-format presentation of Beyond Category was based on the 5,000-square-foot exhibition originally developed by SITES and the Division of Musical History, National Museum of American History. Retaining the dramatic atmosphere of the original exhibition, this freestanding panel design incorporated theatrical photo murals and panels layered with deep, vibrant colors as backdrops to over 130 copy photographs and documents. The exhibition is comprised of six sections to tell Ellington's complete story.

The video Beyond Category: The Musical Genius of Duke Ellington and an interactive computer program complete this multidimensional portrait of the man and his music.The small-format version of Beyond Category: The Musical Genius of Duke Ellington was created by SITES, in partnership with the American Library Association (ALA), in order to bring the magic of Ellington's story and his music to smaller institutions nationwide. The project was made possible through the generous support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, with additional support from the James Smithson Society, Smithsonian Institution. Beyond Category is part of America's Jazz Heritage, A Partnership of the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund and the Smithsonian Institution.

This Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service exhibition toured from 1993-1996.





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