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Why Book Green Revolution?

Green Revolution is CONVENIENT
You can download the exhibition design files, personalize various elements in-house or with the help of a professional graphic designer, and send them to a local printing company.

Green Revolution is COMMUNITY-ORIENTED
Build relationships with local businesses and recycling plants by soliciting old materials and donated resources. Put out a call for volunteers to help build the exhibition and extend an invitation for people bring in additional recycled goods.

Green Revolution is CUSTOMIZABLE
You decide the scope, scale, and schedule.

Green Revolution is FUN
Wind turbines. Worms. Bicycle-powered lights and iPods. Kids will love it; parents will appreciate it, and everyone will learn that it’s easy to reuse, recycle, and rethink.

What do others say about the SITES Experience?

Talk iconSITES’ show was quite possibly the most successful exhibit we have shown in the community.The topic, supporting educational materials, and general excellence of the presentation helped us attract a wonderful viewing audience.
—Teton County Library, Wyoming

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Thank you to SITES for providing nice low-cost exhibit that allows smaller museums to enjoy and benefit from hosting a Smithsonian show. —Pearson Air Museum, Washington

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I couldn't have hoped for anything else. Thank you to everyone at SITES for a great exhibition experience.
—The Monmouth Museum, New Jersey

We're going green too!

SITES staffers talk to visitors about using Google Docs to transfer files rather than sending CDS or paper binders.At SITES, we’re taking small but meaningful steps to try to reduce our own carbon footprint. We’re providing resource materials online instead of in bulky notebooks. Some of our exhibitions have replaced heavy text panels with vinyl lettering, applied directly to the walls. This means less material to fabricate, less to crate, and less to ship.

In our Washington, DC, offices we’re cutting waste by switching to energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs, reducing the number of printed publications, using file transfer websites (versus CDs) to send large files, and recycling everyday goods. We have also recently joined a group of Smithsonian colleagues and staff from 13 government agencies, including the White House Office of Science and Technology, NASA, the Department of Energy, and the National Science Foundation, to brainstorm about how to best collaborate and develop future exhibitions to raise awareness about sustainability.

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The SITES Experience

We're Going Green!

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Green Revolution

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