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A new exhibition from the Smithsonian, H2O Today invites visitors to explore the beauty and essential nature of water, our planet’s lifeblood. Through immersive content, interactives, and digital media, the exhibition explores the diversity and challenges of our global water sources and promotes conversation, creativity, and innovation across disciplines.

H2O Today is a fully designed build-it-yourself exhibition that offers venues a unique opportunity to showcase content that resonates with local audiences. The exhibition can stand alone, or we can help you enrich it with content, expertise, and programming that will enlighten and energize your community around critical water issues. Themes of the exhibition are centered around the concepts of:

  • The Water Planet
  • Our Water, Our Home
  • Ripple Effects
  • Rising Tides
  • H2O Today, H2O Tomorrow

Portions of H2O Today were adapted from exhibitions organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York; and the Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, in collaboration with Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland; The Field Museum, Chicago; Instituto Sangari, Brazil; National Museum of Australia; Royal Ontario Museum, Canada; San Diego Natural History Museum; and Science Centre Singapore with PUB Singapore.

Participating venues will have access to a full spectrum of educational and programming resources in partnership with State Humanities Councils nationwide. Venues will also have opportunities to engage with Smithsonian curators, scientists, and researchers, who are available to participate in programs and discussions about current water issues.

Exhibition specifications

We invite you to host this unique and affordable new exhibition. Featuring over 30 fully designed graphic panels, interactives, and multimedia components, H2O Today weaves together the science of water with cross-disciplinary approaches to U.S. and global water challenges and complements the Museum on Main Street exhibition Water/Ways, for rural communities.

Both exhibitions encourage venues to incorporate local stories through community engagement and crowdsourcing. The H2O Today exhibition package includes print-ready graphic files, immersive audio/video content, software and detailed design drawings for interactives, as well as access to a full spectrum of educational and programming resources.

>>Download exhibition prospectus


Contents Fully designed, ready-to-print graphic panels with images and text;
Detailed design drawings to build physical structure, wall hung panels, and hands-on interactives;
Fully designed, customizable templates ready for venues to supplement their own content ;
Three exhibition video and audio stations with a selection of stories, music, and images Software for two digital interactives;
Detailed design drawings to build three hands-on interactives;
Detailed exhibition floor plans

Participation Fee $7,000 for two-year licensing period
Size 2,000 square feet, est.
Category Science, History & Culture
Security Limited
SITES Contacts Minnie Russell, 202.633.3160 (scheduling)
Sara Artes, 202.633.3113 (content)
Tour Begins Files now available for download



Tour itinerary

Opening Closing Host Institution Status
August 13, 2016 - November 11, 2016 Western Science Center, Hemet, CA Booked
September 2 - November 27, 2016 Elliot Museum, Stuart, FL Booked
TBD Jack K. Williams Library, Texas A & M University at Galveston Booked
TBD Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, Miami, FL Booked
TBD Tamastslikt Cultural Institute, Pendleton, OR Reserved
TBD Museum of Natural and Cultural History, University of Oregon, Eugene Reserved
September 2, 2017 - May 20, 2018 Greeley History Museum, Greeley, CO Reserved


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Press release

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» Water/Ways Exhibition by Museum on Main St



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