For four centuries, movement, across short distances and far, has shaped America. Our nation’s history is a patchwork of many stories, woven over time from the voyages of people—voluntary and involuntary—who traveled to build new lives state-to-state, across the continent, and from around the world.

No matter the country of origin or reason for coming here, from our earliest days, Americans have been intensely mobile, and we still are. Travel over roads, rails, rivers, trails — even the skies — has shaped our cultural and economic landscape. In many ways, our Journey Stories define us.

Based on the larger museum exhibition of the same name, Journey Stories, SITES has developed a free poster exhibit for distribution to interested museums and educational facilities. The seven-poster set includes important chapters such as Western expansion and Native American displacement, African American migration from the Deep South, and important developments in transportation technology.

In addition, related digital resources for families, classrooms, and communities can be downloaded on this page. Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center that provides free educational materials to the nation’s schools, is a major distribution partner and developed discussion questions for classroom settings. An exhibitor handbook with instructions for mounting, installing, and promoting the posters is also available on this page, along with printable PDF versions of the posters should you or your colleagues want to print a set.

Email Stephanie McCoy-Johnson at for more information or to order a set.





Earth from Space poster specifications

High-resolution, digital design files for seven posters 

Poster handbook and user guide including: 
- printing, mounting and display recommendations
- programming ideas and educational resources 
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Exhibitor Handbook

SITES has created a helpful "Exhibitor Handbook" to guide you through the process of installing and promoting the poster exhibit.

The handbook also includes discussion questions for teachers and a comprehensive list of web and classroom resources!

>>Download Exhibitor Handbook

>>Download Discussion Questions

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Poster Specifications

Exhibitor Handbook

Participant Survey

Questions for Educators

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