Detail from Civil War-era letter from the exhibition MAIL CALL. Courtesy the Smithsonian National Postal Museum


Close Out Report

Smithsonian Community Grant Recipients

Please complete and submit this form within one month of the closing of
the funded program. Timely, thoughtful feedback is essential to the success
of this program, and it is also a requirement for having received a
Smithsonian Community Grant. Thank you in advance for your time!


If you have difficulty submitting this form electronically, click
on the "Print" icon, type in your responses, print the page, and
mail them to the address at the bottom of this form.

Host Facility:
Exhibition Hosted:
Program(s) Funded:
Award Amount:
Dates of Exhibition:
Primary Contact:
Mailing Address
Email Address :

1. What was your facility's overall attendance last year?

2. How many people attended events sponsored by the Smithsonian Community Grant program?

3. Did you conduct an actual visitor count for this exhibition, or is this figure an estimate based on your facility's attendance during the booking period?
Estimate Exact Visitor Count

4. During these particular programs, did you observe any
changes in attendance from typical events? Please explain.

5. Please estimate your audience profile:

Gender Male %
  Female %
Age Ranges
% Pre-K % 21-35
% K-12 % 36-55
% College % 56-99
African American/Black
Native American/American Indian
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
Did you notice a change in any of the above demographics during the exhibition?

6. Did you conduct exit surveys or include comment books? Would you be willing to share those comments with SITES? If so, please enter anecdotes or comments.

7. What additional educational programs or publications did you create in conjunction with the exhibit? (If possible, please send copies of printed materials, digital images/photographs.)

8. Did elementary/secondary school groups, scout troops, or service organizations attend the exhibition? If so, please provide specifics.

9. Did you seek other external funding for your program?
Yes No

10. Please list other funding sources for your program, including
in-kind support. Please indicate what each supported (e.g., an educational program, teacher resource materials, the opening reception, etc.).

11. How would you have conducted these programs if the Smithsonian Community Grant funds had not been available?

12. Please describe the program(s) that you conducted with the grant funds. Please include anecdotes and describe how the program played out versus how you may have anticipated it from the program's conception. How did this program fit into your overall programming plan? How was it received?

13. What methods of evaluation did you use to rate this program and what were the results? Would you do it differently next time?

14. Did you find the sample press release useful?
Yes No

15. Please tell us what you liked and disliked about this grant program. What additional information/materials might have been helpful? Suggestions are welcome!

16. Would you apply for another Smithsonian Community Grant?
Yes No

17. We may use your human-interest stories or anecdotes in a future issue of SITES' newsletter, SITELINE, in our exhibition catalogue,
, or on our web site. Are there any other stories about your community's experience with the funded program that you would like to share?

Your grant requires submission of the following with your completed close-out report:

  • Copies of all press coverage for the funded program. Please
    include the publication's name and date.
  • Sample of your institution's final printed materials such as announcements and invitations, programs, or publications. 5-10 copies of each would be appreciated, if possible.
  • Documentation (photographs, slides, digital images of the installation, events, programs, and visitors) of your exhibition. Please provide as many "action shots" as possible including images of school groups, etc.)
  • If you produced a "traveling trunk," an additional exhibit, or any three-dimensional materials with the grant funds, please be sure to include images of your creation (both alone and in use).
  • Please make sure that we have the right to reproduce the images you send us as we often use them in reports and publications. Any digital files may be emailed to Jennifer O'Keefe.

    Please return this form and any enclosures within one month of the funded program to:
  • Attn: Jennifer O'Keefe
    Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service
    P.O. Box 37012
    MRC 941
    Washington, D.C. 20013-7012





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