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Mark Lee floats in space. From the exhibtion SUITED for SPACE.


Why Sponsor a SITES exhibition?The Smithsonian has a 93% recognition rate, and 72% of Americans consider the Smithsonian Institution to be “more important” than the Statue of Liberty, Colonial Williamsburg or Disney World. 35 million visitors per year enjoy the Smithsonian museums, the national zoo, and its national programs.

On average, a SITES exhibition opens somewhere in America every other day. In fact, since our first exhibition went on the road in 1952, SITES has traveled thousands of exhibitions for the education and enjoyment of museum-goers in all fifty states. SITES serves people interested in experiencing the Smithsonian beyond Washington, DC, by bringing the the Institute’s exhibitions to their local museums, libraries, zoos, aquaria, community centers, and schools.

When treasured Smithsonian objects leave the National Mall and travel nationally, something powerful happens: communities rally. People from different ethnic, age, and socio-economic groups come together to celebrate the Smithsonian in their hometowns, generating a level of public and congressional enthusiasm extraordinary by any standard of measurement. When these audiences understand that our corporate sponsors have made it possible for the Smithsonian to visit their neighborhoods, they respond with unbridled enthusiasm, appreciation, and loyalty.

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