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Concept art for Wile E. Coyote by Chuck Jones. Courtesy Chuck Jones Center for Creativity


What is SITES?
SITES (Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service) is one of the four National Programs of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Helping to connect the American public to the Smithsonian's collections and research programs, SITES develops and travels an extensive range of exhibitions about art, science, history and popular culture. Since its founding in 1952, SITES has developed and circulated 1,500 exhibitions - making it the largest traveling exhibition service in the world.

How does SITES work?
In collaboration with Smithsonian curators and scholars, as well as experts at America's finest museums and research centers, SITES creates engaging, three-dimensional exhibitions about a diverse number of topics, using artifacts, photographic images, and interpretive materials. For each venue that presents an exhibition, SITES also provides educational resources, publications, public relations support, technical guidelines, and insurance, allowing host institutions to offer a wide range of quality museum-going experiences to their communities.

Where do SITES exhibitions go?
SITES circulates its exhibitions to museums, libraries, science centers, historical societies, community centers, botanical gardens, zoos, schools, even shopping malls and airports. Each year, SITES exhibitions travel to more than 250 such venues throughout the United States and abroad, and reach an annual audience of approximately 9 million.

Press only: For further information about SITES and its programs, please contact SITES' Public Relations Office at (202) 633.3120.

To receive further information on how to host a SITES exhibition contact SITES' Scheduling and Exhibitor Relations Office at (202) 633.3140.


To receive further information on how to sponsor a SITES exhibition contact SITES' Development Office at (202) 633.3130.



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